ONL00100 – Rowan Online Immersion

Notice to Students

ONL00100 - Rowan Online Immersion is a zero credit, zero cost course designed to on-board students taking online or hybrid courses for the first-time at Rowan University. The course takes approximately 1 hour and can be completed at the student's own pace (does not require the student to be online at a specific date or time). Topics covered include:

  • what to expect in a Rowan Online or Hybrid course,
  • technology overview,
  • obtaining support, and
  • policies.

ONL00100 is a mandatory co-requisite for any course whose session is listed as Online or Hybrid.

  • Students must complete the course and its final quiz in order to receive a grade of S (Satisfactory) on their transcript for ONL00100.
  • Failure to complete the course by the end of the semester will result in a grade of U (Unsatisfactory) and may require re-enrollment into ONL00100 in the future.

You only need to take and pass ONL00100 ONCE!

IMPORTANT Registration Information

You only need to take and pass ONL00100 ONCE during your time as a student with Rowan University in order to meet the co-requisite requirements to register for online and hybrid courses. Once you receive an "S" on your transcript for a section of ONL00100, you never need to register for it again. If you fail to complete ONL00100, and receive a "U" on your transcript, you will not have met the co-requisite requirements and may be required to re-register for the course. For further assistance with registration of ONL00100, please contact Rowan Global support or the Registrar's Office.

All sections of ONL00100 - Rowan Online Immersion will have official start and end dates that match those of the official term (semester) in which the section is offered. However, the section of ROI for which you register will become accessible to you Canvas within 24 to 48 hours of registration. The course must be completed no later than the posted end date of ONL00100 in Banner. Students are strongly advised to complete the course prior to the start of their online or hybrid courses.

Can't Find ONL00100 in Banner?

Under the course SUBJECT, select ONL and all available Rowan Online Immersion sections will appear. You can also use the CRN for any of the sections in the image below, but check the Section Tally for availability first! Some sections may be full.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is ONL00100 – Rowan Online Immersion?
ONL00100 is the primary training course for all students new to online and hybrid classes. Topics covered include: what to expect in an online coursetechnology overviewobtaining support, and policies. The course is offered in Rowan Online’s Learning Management System (LMS), giving the student the opportunity to be immersed in the online learning environment prior to his/her first course. It will also have additional (optional) training resources for all tools and technologies within the LMS.
Is ONL001000 Required?
Yes. All students who will register for an online or hybrid course at any level (undergraduate or graduate) must also register for ONL00100. It is an official corequisite for any online or hybrid course. Once you complete it, you will not have to take it again while you remain an active student at Rowan. If you are registering for an online or hybrid course, you can co-register for ONL00100 to meet the registration requirement.
Can I Opt Out of taking ONL00100?
Effective Nov 1, 2019: Rowan Online requires that all students take ONL00100, even if they had previously taken online courses prior to the establishment of ONL00100. There is no option to opt out. Please contact Rowan Online support for more information.
I'm getting a "prerequisite error" in Banner. How do I resolve this?
ONL00100 is a REQUIRED co-requisite for all online and hybrid courses. Students MUST register for ONL00100 BEFORE they can register for any online or hybrid courses. If you do not do this, you will receive a prerequisite error in Banner. Search and register for a section of ONL00100 FIRST. Then return to the registration add/drop search to add your online or hybrid course.
When can I take ONL00100?
In most cases, you can take it within 24 hours (48 hours if you are a new student and a new Rowan Account must be created for you) of registering for the course. Check the start date in Banner of the section that you registered for to learn when you could start taking it. After that date, you can log in and complete it at any time.
How long will it take me to complete ONL00100?
The course will take approximately 1 hour and can be completed at the student’s own pace (does not require the student to be online at a specific date or time).
Is there an instructor teaching the ONL00100 course?
No. ONL00100 is a self-paced, self-service training course. Students who have questions regarding the content should contact Rowan Online technical support.
Is ONL00100 graded?
Yes. You must complete the final quiz with a perfect score. You have unlimited attempts (without penalty) to do so. Within 48 hours of completion, your official student transcript will be updated with a grade of S for ONL00100.
Does it matter which section of ONL00100 I register?
No. All sections are identical. Once the course opens, you may start your section at your convenience. You must complete your section of the course prior to its end date posted in Banner.
What happens if I don’t complete the ONL00100 course?
Students who do not receive a perfect score on the final quiz in the ONL00100 course will receive a grade of U on their official transcript for ONL00100 when the term concludes. Students receiving a U will be required to re-register for ONL00100 in order to register for online or hybrid courses in future terms. Students may experience issues when making course schedule changes to future terms due to a violation of the prerequisite conditions for online and hybrid courses.
Is there technical support for ONL00100?
Yes. Students enrolled in ONL00100 have access to the Rowan Online support desk services. More details about technical support are posted on the Rowan Online Portal Support and Technology page.
I was dropped from my online or hybrid course with a "Prerequisite Error." Does this have something to do with ROI?
If the Banner system automatically dropped you from an online or hybrid course and provides a "Prerequisite Error" or states that you did not meet the prerequisite requirement, this is likely related to not being properly registered for the ROI course. Students are required to register for ONL00100 - ROI or have received an S in a prior registration of ONL00100 in order to successfully register for online and hybrid courses.
I completed ROI and received an S on my transcript. Do I have to register for it again to take another online or hybrid course in the future?
No. Once you have completed ONL00100 and received an S on your official academic transcript (you can check this in Banner), this prerequisite will be satisfied for future online and hybrid courses.
Will a HOLD be placed on my grades if I do not complete ONL00100?
No. If you do not complete the section of ONL00100 for which you are registered by its end date, then you will receive a grade of U on your transcript. This is permanent and will be visible to anyone viewing your Official Transcript in the future. If you attempt to take another online or hybrid course in the future, you will have to register for ONL00100 again.